Aptos Names Service (ANS) officially launched on Aptos Mainnet

Aptos Names

Aptos Foundation has officially launched the Aptos Names Service, i.e. ANS. The blockchain experience of Aptos is what Aptos Foundation wants to give to the users on the first day after the mainnet launch and that is why ANS is officially available for the users to register the domain names that end with .apt.

ANS allows all Aptos users now to use a human-readable .apt name for their Aptos wallet address instead of their public key.

We see Aptos names as a critical step towards broad user adoption of the Aptos blockchain and to help ensure Aptos applications are friendlier and more accessible. ANS provides improved network tooling for all applications on Aptos’ blockchain and will offer numerous ecosystem integrations.

Aptos Names Service Benefits

Better user experience — ANS offers onboarding of users in a streamlined manner by giving human-readable .apt addresses. These Aptos names make sending and receiving funds significantly easier and less complicated, while also reducing the likelihood of fraud and human error.

Unique web3 Identity — Aptos names represent people’s identity in web3. When users interact with Aptos applications, the users will be given a way to represent themselves in a unique and recognizable way.

Target addresses and subdomains — users can set target addresses for their Aptos names. Plus, anyone who owns an Aptos name can also add a subdomain.

Using your name — your name can be used in Aptos wallets from day 1, to easily send and receive transactions

How to register .apt ANS domain

  1. Log into your Aptos wallet (Best Aptos Wallets)
  2. Search for an Aptos name
  3. Click on “Register” to buy the name
  4. Approve the transaction
  5. Go to “My Domains”
  6. Go to “Settings”
  7. Update the New Target Address and click “Update”

The registrations through Aptos Names Service are a one-year rental and not permanent, so as to give everyone a fair opportunity to register the domain name.

Just a day ago, Aptos foundation airdropped Aptos testnet users with 150 APT tokens each per account, and at the time of opening the trading, the price of the token touched $100 and consolidated to around $7.5 when writing this story.

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