Best Aptos NFT Marketplaces to trade NFTs – Live & Upcoming 2022

Aptos NFT Marketplace

Aptos, the Layer 1 scalable blockchain network is about to get into its mainnet this Autumn, and there has been so much progress in terms of what applications it might bring along, and one of those is the NFT ecosystem that is going to be handled via super swift transactions, and some of the major issues that Solana network has been having will all be solved by Aptos.

While there are several NFT projects that are already building communities, releasing their roadmaps, and promising a lot, where are these NFTs going to be traded? Let’s talk about some of the NFT marketplaces and exchanges for the Aptos ecosystem.

Best Aptos NFT Marketplaces

Based on what we have seen so far, BlueMove and Souffl3 have been actively building their marketplaces for not just selling but also minting NFTs and BlueMove is offering a launchpad where project owners can list their NFTs for users to mint directly from the marketplace, like how MagicEden does for the SOL NFTs.

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Souffl3 has an interface for the users to bake and earn whitelist spots in the different NFT projects, and daily activities help earn some ingredients that increase the chance to get the Discord roles or whitelists. Many projects including Rekt Dogs, Aptos CoinFlip, Aptos Bulls, Aptos Ant Club, BlueMove Bull, Aptos Punk, Aptorses, Aptos Alpha Alpacas, etc. have tried the minting process and these are being traded already on the testnet of Aptos.

If you have any suggestions or want to get a marketplace added to this list, contact us.

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