Best Aptos Wallets for Chrome, iOS and Android

Aptos Wallets

Aptos, Building the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain is going to launch soon and there are multiple practical uses for Aptos, and one of them would be NFT minting and trading, while you can always invest in different coins and stuff launching on the Aptos chain. But where would all this be possible? It would be through the Aptos wallets.

There are multiple wallets that are already available for users to try out the Aptos blockchain on its testnet version and these will continue when Aptos goes mainnet in the coming weeks. Check out the Aptos wallets for Chrome, iOS, and Android.

Best Aptos Wallets

Petra Wallet Chrome

Petra Wallet
Pontem Wallet
ONTO Wallet
Spika web wallet
Hive Wallet
Evo Wallet
Fletch wallet
Blocto wallet
Snowflake: Multisig Platform

Petra and Martian wallets were the first Aptos wallets that Aptos had partnered with for the Aptos Zero initial NFTs to mint on the testnet. These are the two best wallets based on our experience. The wallets have the Faucet option so that you can try out the testnet to help mint NFTs, or try some swaps on the exchanges that are being made on this platform.

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Some of these wallets like Blocto have been offering their features to other blockchains already and some are newly made for Aptos. Evo Wallet is building a User-friendly APTOS wallet for both, iOS and Android so that the users who do not pro-trade on PCs can do some quick swaps or NFT trading on their smartphones. Most of the Chrome wallet extensions also have the Library for NFTs to be browsed, and in the future, you would be able to stake APT tokens when the chain goes live.

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