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Best SOL NFT marketplaces to buy and sell arts

Best SOL NFT marketplaces

NFTs have been hugely available, and very much adopted on the Ethereum platform, and some of the best NFT projects in the entire Blockchain world are the ones sitting on the Ethereum blockchain. In recent times, the growth we’ve seen in the SOL NFTs is immense, and the first-time NFT buyers do prefer SOL NFT right now given the price they come in, and the fee of transaction, which is almost negligible. While the difference between the two networks is going to stay for long, SOL NFTs too have some value if you look at some blue-chip options like the Degenerate Ape Society, Thugbirdz, Aurory, Shadowy Super Coder DAO, Boryoku Dragonz, Monkey Kingdom, and a few other.

Following are a few marketplaces that you should check out in case you want to get an NFT from the Solana network.


While the next one that we are going to talk about is the platform that is mentioned quite a bit, Magiceden is a personal favorite of mine. The fact that you see multiple collections coming in each day says about the volume of NFT sales happening over there, and Magiceden is known to support almost every creator, small or big. One of the big advantages of Magiceden over the other SOL NFT platforms is the availability of the history of listings and sales of each NFT that is listed over there, giving you an idea of how the acceptance and sentiment have been.

This is one of the oldest and the first-in-the-mind platforms for the SOL-based NFTs to be listed and sold, and this is a fully-fledged one, hosting one of the earliest SOL-based NFT projects, and some of the highest sold NFTs have been sold here on this particular platform. The only issue with Solanart in recent times has been the loading speeds whenever there is a new project that gets added to the marketplace.

One of the best designed and easy-to-navigate NFT marketplaces for SOL is, which is relatively the newest one in the market. It also comes with the dark mode, which you might not see on every platform out there. Alpha Art charges 2% as the seller fee for every transaction that happens on the platform, which is comparatively similar to the other marketplaces.

This is an open marketplace for the SOL-based NFT projects, and while open, it can be risky as well, for someone who is new to trading NFTs if they invest in some unverified NFT listings. It was one of the heavily hyped marketplaces during its launch and there were many big projects getting sold well in the first few days itself. Someone exploring the digitaleyes market should remember to check the Verifeyed tag, as these would be the only ones that are authenticated by the backend team. Ever since its launch, digitaleyes has organized the listing of hundreds of successful projects.

This is another open marketplace, where they enable creators to choose and embed licenses when they mint NFTs. While embedding licenses is one big feature here, the solsea platform also has support for multiple currencies including USDT, USDC, and even FTX-Pay while SOL is the primary option. There is a 3% marketplace fee that occurs on every transaction. Artists can also decide their own creator’s fee.

There are some noticeable small marketplaces too, but these five are the ones I would recommend if you are new to SOL NFTs and are looking at the vast number of options in the graphics to purchase for your NFT portfolio.

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