Aptos Wallet for Android Phone – BlueMove Aptos Wallet Review

BlueMove Aptos Wallet

Aptos, the Layer-1 blockchain is now live and is trading at all the major exchanges and several projects have actively used the Blockchain tech in the NFT, Defi, and other sectors. But for users to invest or get involved, they must use one of the Aptos wallets. While most cryptocurrency users and traders use PC, many would prefer doing some quick trades or activities on their smartphones, and that’s where Aptos Mobile wallets are needed.

There are not many Aptos mobile wallets available for the users but from the known ones, the BlueMove wallet is one that you can try using, at least if trust is really important to you.

BlueMove Wallet

BlueMove Android App

BlueMove App Launchpad

The BlueMove wallet is right within the BlueMove app that will also help users go through the different NFT collections that are being listed on the marketplace, and there are tabs for the stats for NFT collections, and there is also a section of Launchpad that will host the NFT launches and let users mint NFTs right from the app. But the most important one here is the last tab, i.e. the BlueMove wallet.

Since now Aptos is in the mainnet, BlueMove’s wallet does not have a switcher between the testnet and mainnet. The thing works on Mainnet, so there is no sense right now to have the Faucet option that says that it sent 15 APT but there is nothing sent, so that Faucet button should be removed, or it would just confuse the users. On the other side, there is an option to send funds from this wallet to any external Aptos address, and we haven’t tested it yet, but since this is a real wallet with funds that can be used or sent, the feature is a usable one. The swap function is not enabled as that has to be linked to dex or should have liquidity but BlueMove is not dealing with anything like that, so that swap won’t work in the future too, probably.

BlueMove App Register Coin

BlueMove App Settings

In the Settings section, you have the option to recover the Secret Phrase in case you missed noting them down or lost them. The credentials section gives you the address, public key, and private key (remember, never share your secret phrase and private key with anyone), and you can change the password too from the same Settings. In case you want to remove the account, Settings has a direct option for doing that as well.

Final Thoughts about BlueMove Wallet

The BlueMove Wallet app is still in its nascent stage, based on what is available for the users in terms of features. If there was an in-app browser, that would have changed things a lot because then, the users can interact with some of the Aptos-based apps using this wallet of BlueMove.

For now, the BlueMove app and wallet are available only for Android and we might see the iOS version anytime soon, but the one available for Android phones needs more features, and if BlueMove makes their NFT section and launchpad functional, we would be able to talk more about it.

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