Justin Kan’s Fractal NFT Gaming Market is now official, airdropped 100000 NFTs


Justin Kan’s new Fractal NFT gaming market is officially launched, a few days after a massive scam that had taken place on the platform where about $150,000 user funds were stolen, and Fractal team had made sure each of the users who lost their money got them back, before going for the launch of the platform.

“Fractal is a marketplace for gamers made by gamers. We believe it can help bring new audiences to discover NFTs and the possibilities offered by our open gaming Metaverse,” said The Sandbox’s co-founder, Sebastien Borget.

The launch article from Fractal on their Medium says,

Growing up, the period between Christmas and New Year was always a special time for me. It meant no school, waking up at noon, going downstairs, and playing video games for 15 hours straight. To me, the holidays have always been synonymous with video games. And family too, I guess… but mostly video games 😀
That’s why I’m super excited to launch Fractal, our new metaverse gaming marketplace, just in time to kick off the new year! While both the Fractal team and community eagerly anticipated a launch in time for a white Christmas, we ultimately decided that a bit more time was needed to make sure everything was polished and perfect. Thank you for your patience.

Fractal airdropped the first 100000 Discord users with unique digital artwork, which they say would allow them to access future benefits within the new gaming marketplace.

In the current NFT ecosystem, Fractal is the only marketplace where the focus is only on selling NFTs that have an in-game value. At launch, there are several blockchain games that are already partnered with Fractal and the NFTs that can be used in the game, are all available on the marketplace already.

Some of these games include Aurory, Caveworld, Genopets, Mini Royale, Nyan Heroes, Panzerdogs, Photo Finish Horse Racing, Portals, The Sandbox, Solchicks, and Syn City. Since the Fractal marketplace is based on Solana, someone who wants to buy an NFT has to use a Phantom wallet or an alternative.

Source: Fractal

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