Samsung announces Knox Matrix, Blockchain based security for smart devices

Samsung Knox Matrix

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant has announced the usage of Blockchain technology to upgrade the security system on its smart devices. From smartphones to smart homes, there is a bunch of smart products that Samsung has for making lives of users easier, and according to the company, with more connectivity, the need for security is also going up.

Samsung Knox Matrix is the upcoming solution that the company is going to launch at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC). Samsung devices already have the Samsung Knox security platform that offers defense-grade security certified for use by the many top government agencies around the world.

Samsung Knox Matrix will function as a user’s own private blockchain system, wherein your connected devices enhance security through multi-layered mutual monitoring. In order to protect user’s smart home from unauthorized access and to make the login process more convenient, Samsung Knox Matrix will share credentials device-to-device and protect sensitive information even between trusted devices. Whether your Samsung devices are based on Android, Tizen, or other OS, Samsung Knox Matrix will be able to provide a unified security SDK. With all that, Samsung will continue to advance common security standards for across various Samsung-connected devices.

It is a blockchain-based security system that Samsung is set to place for all its smart appliances, smart devices, TVs, and more. This will protect the users from exploits of their credentials, while simultaneously making logins more simple.

The Samsung Knox Matrix will work in helping with the protection of devices on different operating systems including Android, Tizen or another OS. Samsung also partnered with Google to improve multi-smart device experiences at home.

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